About Us

House Painters of Chandler, AZ is a team of some of the most experienced, highly trained, and most proven painting contractors in Chandler, AZ and the surrounding area. Today, we’re happy to offer an incredibly wide variety of service solutions to homeowners and business owners throughout the region with nearly round-the-clock support, unwavering quality, and undeniable professionalism.

Providing the Best Quality Possible for Any Job

We began House Painters many years ago with a small crew of local Chandler painters and a simple focus on providing the best quality possible for any job we were presented with. Loyalty to that goal and that commitment helped our young company to earn the trust and business of homeowners and business owners all throughout the community and it wasn’t long before we started recruiting dependable painting contractors in Chandler, AZ and beyond to match the demand.

As our business continues to grow and offer more and more services to more and more clients our commitment to quality stands stronger than ever. It’s that focus which earned us the success and reputation which we enjoy today and it will be that focus that you can count to see from House Painters for years to come.

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Why Choose House Painters for Chandler, AZ Homes?

When you choose our team for your home's painting services in Chandler, AZ you can be confident about your project being completed with the quality, professionalism, and value that has served as the signature of House Painters in Chandler, AZ since our founding. Whether you're interested in updating your home's look with major exterior painting in Chandler or interior painting focused solely on renewing the look of a single room, our experienced painters are committed to ensuring your total satisfaction with every aspect of your service.


From quick requests for pressure cleaning in Chandler, AZ to whole house painting, the House Painters team who completes your Chandler painting service uses the finest quality equipment on the market as well as an endlessly customizable selection of paints and painting styles to ensure that your house truly feels like home.


Our team of Chandler painters are thoroughly trained, qualified, and equipped to perform a wide variety of different residential and commercial painting Chandler, AZ services with the efficiency, reliability, and professionalism that you and your home deserve.


The results you receive from our painting services in Chandler, AZ are specifically designed to last, keeping your home's gorgeous new look up while you keep your touch-up and maintenance costs down. This, along with our proven record of quality and professionalism mean that you can count on House Painters to make your Chandler painting project a complete sucess! Call (480) 405-0703 to learn more!